Chemistry Equipment

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher MGC 240 Chemistry Analyzer

Thermo Fisher MGC 240 Chemistry Analyzer

Manufacturer : Thermo Fisher
Model : MGC 240

Thermo Fisher MGC 240 Chemistry Analyzer Highlights
· Largest menu of tests available
· Compact benchtop analyzer
· Broad menu of immunoassays with multiple technology options
· Multiple channels: up to 24 two-reagent tests
· High throughput: 240 tests/hour
· 24-hour reagent cooling
· Bar coding capabilities

· Random access, true STAT interrupt capability
· Adapts to various primary tubes and sample cups
· Automatic cuvette QC
· Auto rerun, auto dilution, sample pre-dilution
· Re-suspension mixing for latex particles
· Auto alarms for washing and waste containers
· Air pressure mixing: no carry over

· Windows based technology
· Reagent/test volume inventory display
· User-friendly intuitive operator interface
· Run-monitor displays test results wait time
· Bi-directional interface for LIS systems
· Host query communications

· Unique design
· Easy maintenance
· Distinctive air pressure mixing system: no mixing paddles
· No carry over: fewer washing steps
· Semi-permanent: replace 1 to 2 times per year
· Weight: 180 Lbs.

Dimensions: 31(W) x 25(D) x 21(H) inches

StanBio Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer

StanBio Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer

Manufacturer : StanBio
Model : Sirrus

StanBio Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer Highlights
400 tests/hr with ISE

• 240 tests/hr photometric
• 36 positions for either R1 or R1/R2 reagents
• On-board reagent cooling temperature: 10 ± 2° C
• Liquid, ready-to-use reagents
• 30-day on-board stability for most reagents
• 30-day calibration stability for most reagents
• Reagent probe with automatic level detection
• Automatic inside and outside probe washing after each reagent addition

Weight: 210 Lbs

Dimensions: 32(W) x 25(D) x 21(H) inches