C-Arm Equipment

HOLOGIC C-Arm Equipment



Hologic Insight 2 Mini C arm brings the view closer to you with great clarity in the smallest detail. No move is too challenging for Insights C Arm, and No movement or metal is too distracting for Insights Intelligence.

New Hologic Mini C Arm

The Hologic Insight 2 mini C-arm answers the needs of orthopedic surgeons for precision and versatility in extremity surgery. Insight 2 combines tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine fluoroscopy images, and automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image every time, for every patient. No other mini C-arm conforms this perfectly to individual patients, physicians and procedures.

Hologic continues to set the bar for high quality fluoroscopy imaging with the smallest x-ray focal point in the industry. The advanced degree of automation incorporated into the Insight 2 mini C-arm means surgeons can stay focused on procedures, rather than instrumentation and adjustments.

High Definition Images Right Where You Want Them.

The high resolution, telescoping and fully rotating flat panel touch screen monitor puts the images right where you want them.


is a later generation FluoroScan. While taking up virtually the same amount of floor space as the FluoroScan I, it has dual monitors and image storage capability. The dual monitors allow the user to view a previous or stored image on one monitor, and compare it to the live or latest image on the other monitor. The systems have on-board storage of up to 2200 digital images, along with a floppy drive that can store and transfer images to a computer. The system is fully automatic, simple to use, and has very low radiation.
· 4" Image Intensifier
· Dual Monitors
· 100 Frame Storage
· Last Image Hold
· B&W Thermal Printer


Series Benefits. 4" Image Intensifier, Certified X-ray Tube, 85-micron Focal Spot , 100mm field of view, 1000 Image Storage, Low X-ray, Low Scatter, Single Monitor, B&W Thermal Printer, OfficeMate Operators Manuals.
· 4" Image Intensifier
· Single Monitor
· 6 Image Storage
· LIH - Last Image Hold
· B/W Printer
· Keypad Entry
· Contrast Expansion
· Edge Enhancement
· Frame Averaging