Under Which Costs Does the Medical Market Handle in the Present?

For every clinic and laboratory, it is necessary to have an up-to-date view of the prevailing economic dynamics in the market on which they depend: the market for medical supplies and medical technology supplies.

As of today, essential medical supplies are priced at the following prices: a temperature control unit costs $ 10,790; an otoscope set with macrovision, $ 686; an alcon irrigation solution, $ 249; an absorbable hemostat of surgery, $ 799; a Metter Toledo NewClassic microbalance team, $ 4,921; an examination table with MidMark Ritter heat drawer, $ 4,921; a cart for EKG machine PageKriter Series, $ 1,089; a urinalysis test from Bayer Healthcare Multistix Siemens, $ 22.

To these costs are added the personal and family factor that the average annual health expenditure in the United States is $ 9,403.

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