The Dizzy Time Line of Medical Technology

Since the 18th century, medicine has made exponential leaps in the development of technological mechanisms that allow more and more precision and more depth in the diagnosis of human pathologies.

A brief tour of the timeline of medicine in line with the technological evolution that, subsequently, brought the modernity of the new millennium, accounts for these incredible advances. Read more

The Impact of Microprocessors in Medicine

A decade ago, humanity never imagined that the engine of electronic and computer systems could have a perfect application and coupling to medical procedures.

And is that the microprocessor is an electronic circuit that acts as the central processing unit of a computer, that is, all algorithms and binary systems of reading and generation of digital information go through the complex integrated circuits Read more

Under Which Costs Does the Medical Market Handle in the Present?

For every clinic and laboratory, it is necessary to have an up-to-date view of the prevailing economic dynamics in the market on which they depend: the market for medical supplies and medical technology supplies. Read more