Biomedical Lab Center, inc is a Florida , USA based company dedicated to providing customers with New, reconditioned, recertified, and pre-owned clinical laboratory equipment and related products at competitive prices. Since 2000, Biomedical Lab Center, inc. has become one of the industry’s largest and most reliable marketers of new and refurbished Laboratory equipment. B.L.C. has built its reputation on Laboratory equipment for the medical and veterinary markets, but can handle requests for virtually everything for the clinical laboratories. Our constant commitment to supplying only the highest quality products has made us a worldwide leader in-the industry. Our unmatched quality and reliability or our products serve as a benchmark for others in our industry. . All equipment refurbished by Biomedical Lab Center, inc. comes with a warranty on Parts.

Company Mission

Biomedical Lab Center, Inc. has as mission to meet the needs, and provide a good service to our clients in the health sector. By means of the equipment that we offer, being these Refurbished, New, and Used. where, the efficiency of the company in its processes is increased, and the quality of life of the people, and clients are improved.

Based on the above we have set out to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify current and potential customer needs.
  • Provide fast and cost-effective solutions to our public.
  • Generate sustained growth in the market.

Company Vision.

Biomedical Lab Center, Inc. has as vision is primarily to be a leading company in health sector equipment within the markets in which it operates, recognized for the high quality and competitive prices of our products and services, in its sale and distribution.
We have proposed that in the next 5 years we have more presence in the market, supporting and strengthening our distribution channels.

Based on the above we have set out to meet the following objectives:

  • Maintain a strong commitment to the client, facing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities with efficiency and effectiveness in the quality and excellence in the service.
  • Achieve sustained growth with an adequate return on investment and participate in new businesses that are in accordance with our Mission and Values.
  • Position ourselves as strategic partners of our clients, providing them with solutions and services of the highest quality, and according to our organizational values.
  • To offer our employees an opportunity to develop and grow, and thus to constitute a more valuable professional team in the middle.

Company Values

  • Customer service
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Continuous improvement and flexibility

Our clients

We make sure to give our customers satisfaction in their purchases, offering quality products at competitive prices with a professional and specialized service.

Strategic location:

We are located geographically in the urban area of Orange City, within the state of Florida, in the United States where prestigious domestic and foreign companies are located.


1.sales department
It is made up of specialized vendors and a team of promoters who assist our various clients.
We have national and international coverage.

2. Warehouse Management Department
It is made up of personnel trained to handle and care for the goods, in addition they are the ones who are in charge of packing the products to be sent.

Transportation Equipment

We rely on different companies that provide this service for the transport of different sizes and load capacities.